The Sangawa Project, presented by the Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society, is an 18+ convention in which fans can gather together to discuss their favorite anime, both new and old, challenge themselves in our retro gaming room, show off their best cosplay, attend awesome panels and just relax in a more mature environment. Additionally, Sangawa provides unique content such as the Taste of Japan which allows attendees (over the age of 21) to sample a variety of Japanese libations, including Saké, Shōchū and cultural beers!

Located in the marvelous Double Tree by Hilton in Greentree, PA on December 8th – 10th, 2017.


Taste of Japan Image

Taste of Japan

21+ Event (Separate Ticket Required)

The Taste of Japan room is back! We’ve changed up our offering to bring you more delicious Japanese imports. Enjoy a selection of Japan’s sake, whiskey, shochu, and more while learning basic tasting and appreciation techniques. The room will be open from noon to 5pm on Saturday, allowing you to come and go as you please and not miss any content that you are looking forward to seeing. Check back for updates on this year’s beverage selections! (Tickets will be limited to 100 attendees)

Sangawa Social

21+ Event (Sangawa Tumbler Required)

The Sangawa Social will be a little different this year… instead of picking a theme and showing a video, we challenge you to show off those taste buds! We will be forming teams to try to guess all of the ingredients in each of our tasty beverages. The more ingredients you guess, the more points your team will receive. The team with the most discerning palate wins (their choice from our Sangawa Prize Table)!

Cosplay Battle Royale

Cosplayers of all ages and skill levels are invited to a costume battle royal of epic proportions! Everyone will get a chance to display their costume and character. Contestants will be put into brackets, battling one on one for the love and adoration of the audience! That’s right. In this contest, It’s all up to the audience! Each round, the pair of cosplayers will be given a silly situation to act out. A silly pose? A character emote? Dancing!? Anything is possible! And its up to the audience who did it best. Laughs will be had, silly poses will be made, and fun will be guaranteed!

Gaming Room

Do you like video gaming? Join us in our Game Room for some of your favorite video games and beloved gaming systems.

RPG/CCG/Board Games

Time to kill? Come over to our Tabletop room to join in one of our scheduled games, or jump in on a pickup game.