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While The Sangawa Project, would like to hold a convention in which people can “just relax in a more mature environment,” the idea of an 18+ convention is extremely appealing at this point in my life for the opposite reason. I’ve taken my kids to San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con, MegaCon, and the western Pennsylvania cons, where they prefer playing games and checking out con pageantry. Going on a convention mission or two sidekick-free sounds pretty good, not because I want to act more mature and do whatever grown-ups do at an anime convention, but because I’d like to goof off a little and not be the mature one for a few hours. Not that I’m a party animal without my kids in tow; no, my idea of an anime party is hitting all the panels.

Keith Hendricks


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Press Pass Application

Press Application and Process

On-site press registration & membership pick-up will be done at the Operations office (Con Ops) of each event.

Any pertinent press-related items (with the exception of print samples) may be sent to the Marketing Department via email prior to the convention for pre-registration. Any outlet that pre-registers will be able to pick up press badges (2 maximum) at the event with a government-issued photo I.D. (or Student I.D. as applicable). Failure to do so may result in denial of your press badges. Only one of each of the required credentials is required; however, each individual press member should submit a business card if available, validating their affiliation with their organization.

Online press registration will close 1 week prior to the event and any inquiries for badges received after that point will be directed to on-site registration at the convention.

Each press membership must be picked up by the person whose name appears on the pass.

Each outlet is allowed to have representation at a maximum of two (2) press badges per event.

Eligibility for Press/Comp badges will be decided by the Tekko Marketing group.  Press Badges can be picked up at the Operations office.  Print and broadcast media should send clips or links to pre- and post-show coverage to

Video & Audio Recording

Any video or audio recordings of Pitt JCS-sponsored events are not to be uploaded to the Internet, or made available to the public, in their entirety. If you wish to use recordings of such events, only “highlight” clips may be used.

Please keep in mind that any video recording containing audio of third-party content (such as a song, audio track, movie/show clip, etc.) must have audio/video removed prior to posting, as its usage is governed by copyright rules of the artist, production company, and/or label.

Press/Digital Media Credentials Verification

Qualified Media Outlets

  • Print Newspaper Media
  • Broadcast Media (Radio/Television)
  • Student Press
  • Online publication, web-based blog, podcast, etc.
  • Documentary

Press Members may direct any additional questions/disputes regarding these policies with the Marketing Department Head.

Submitting a request for a press/digital media badge does not guarantee automatic acceptance. Please follow us on our Websites and Facebook Group! We will be updating information frequently to announce any changes or additions to each scheduled event.

For additional information and/or questions, please contact:

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Just download the flyer below and share with your friends, family or the world. You can also print out and (with permission) place in your local comic book/anime/manga book stores, gaming venues, other related businesses, schools and clubs, etc. If you would like to volunteer and help our marketing efforts in your area, you can e-mail As a reminder, we ask that you be respectful of people’s personal space, property, and local and state ordinances regarding postings.

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