Sangawa 2019 Panel Applications will remain open until October 5th, 2019.


Panel Application 2019

Here is the panels & workshops application form! Please fill it out to the best of your ability.

Use this form to submit panels that you would like to run this year, but please be aware that we will not be able to accept all panels that are submitted. If we need more information from you or have additional questions about your panel, we will send an email to the address you list in this submission form.

You will also receive a confirmation e-mail within a day of sending your form. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within a day, please contact

Our Panel Reimbursement Policy remains the same as last year. In short, all panelists will be required to preregister for Sangawa Project 2019, but will be eligible for either: 1) a $20 reimbursement for each approved, completed panel for the Head Panelist only up to the price paid for their badge, or 2) a $10 reimbursement for each approved, completed panel for the Head Panelist and one Co-panelist up to the price paid for their badges. Depending on whether you list a Co-panelist on this application determines whether it is only the Head Panelist or both the Head Panelist and one Co-panelist who are eligible to receive this.

Please remember that we cannot provide Mac hookups for computers.

If you have any questions or comments please contact

Thank you! We look forward to your submissions!

For the GuideBook, please describe your panel/workshop in 50 words or less.
Please give us more detail on your panel. Tell us how it's going to run and tell us why we should choose your panel.
Need a projector? Microphone? Screen? PC computer hookups? Whiteboard? Let us know. We won't be able to provide: Mac computer hookups, computers, or internet access.
Check all that apply. If you can run any day, please select the Any choice. Please note that we will do our best to schedule your panel or workshop on the days that you ask for, but won't be able to avoid all conflicts. ***Hint: Availability does weigh into which panels we are able to approve.
This will be taken under consideration, but please remember that we cannot guarantee any specific time for your panel or workshop. We will do our best to schedule your panel or workshop when you ask, but we have many events to plan around and may not be able to satisfy all of everyone's requests.
Any times you won't be at the con (school, work, etc)? Or any events you would not like your panel or workshop to be scheduled against? Again, we will do our best to meet as many requests as we can, but may not be able to avoid all conflicts.
Most panels are allocated 1 hour time slots, but please choose the option you feel will allow the proper pacing for your panel. We may contact you to inquire if we can adjust the length of your panel to better fit within the final schedule.
If you have not run a panel before, please just write no and skip to the next question. If you have, let us know what convention, what year, and the name of the panel you ran there. If you have run multiple panels, please list them all (If they are too numerous to count, just give the most recent ones).
This will be the person in charge of the panel and the individual we contact. Name should match your ID.
Please make sure this is an e-mail that you check and that you will have continued access to.
Please only list the primary co-panelist. Name must match your ID.
If Established Panelist Group is selected, please indicated your group's name.
If you are submitting multiple panels, please indicate the max number of panels you would feel comfortable presenting. Also, please indicate if you have a prioritization or preference of which panels you would like most to be approved.
Please explain any circumstances or conditions that you would like us to be aware of. This will not be used when determining panels acceptance, but may better prepare us to accommodate any individual needs.