Panels are programming that is more informative than hands on. They can provide you with information about a range of subjects, from anime to video games, to what it’s like to go to Japan and how you can get there too. Someone might run a panel on the hero archetypes in the anime Tiger & Bunny or the validity of battle strategies implemented in Attack on Titan. Panels cover a wide variety of subjects, both fun and informative.

Featured Panels

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Charles Dunbar's Featured Panels

Returning this year to Sangawa 2016, Charles Dunbar, a fan favorite for his poignant, insightful, yet playful discussions that examine the mythological and anthropological significance of various Japanese media, will be presenting several panels, including:

  • Giant Robot Mythology
  • Japan Through Literature
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Yurei, Yokai, & School Girls

This panel will take a look at Japanese myth & lure shown in various anime as well as list the various types of yurei, yokai, & oni that tend to pop up.

Noir Anime

Noir is a special subgenre of crime fiction, and it’s a popular style of anime often paired with other genres such as sci-fi or mystery. Digging through the underbelly of their urban landscapes, this panel will include an exploration of themes such as illicit medical experimentation and terrorism.

Horrors of Hentai

You think you’ve seen weird? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Let’s delve into the never ending weird that is hentai both on the page and on the screen.


Boys love Bingo is finally at Sangawa! Your favorite dirty game show from Tekko has arrived and we’re ready to get nasty! Hot sexy naked bishonen are displayed on screen with the bingo numbers. A PRIZE for every winner! There are lots of things to win so come join your host Venus in this seriously sexy game show!

What the @$!#: Japan?!

Japan. Home of the rising sun and anime. Beautiful culture and some pretty weird @$!#:&. Want to see more? Come to the dark corners of Japan. Where weirdness is all around.

Sengoku Era Figures & Their Media Portrayals

I’ll be going over famous historical figures from the Sengoku era & showcasing how they’re portrayed in various media. In addition to this, I will give some historical tidbits of each figure as well as a picture of them in real life for comparison.

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Panel Applications for Sangawa 2016 are currently Closed

Why should I submit a Panel for Sangawa Project 2016?

Panels are an essential part of the programming for Sangawa. They can be run by guests, staff, attendees, and experts. Guests may run panels on their recent works or even teach you a thing or two about how to break into the industry. Staff may give you some insight on what it is like to help run a convention and how you can volunteer yourself. Attendees help out by providing passionate panels and workshops on their favorite anime, manga, genre, hobby, etc. Experts can provide you with a deep dive into the intricacies of their areas of expertise. While just about anyone can run a panel or workshop on a wide variety of topics, we ask that the subject matter relate to Japanese Pop Culture or international fandoms that have impacted it. If you are unsure that your idea is right for Sangawa, our Programming staff is more than happy to talk it through with you. Just send us an email at:

Sangawa Project 2016 Panel Reimbursement Policy

How it works…

Once again we will require all panelists to pre-register for the convention, but will offer on-site reimbursement based on the number of panels or workshops approved and performed. Once again, panelist will have a choice:

(OPTION 1) If you register only a Head Panelist with no Co-panelists, the Head Panelist will be entitled to a $20 reimbursement for each approved & completed panel up to the full cost of the badge that they purchased.

(OPTION 2) However, if you submit a panel application with (one) Co-panelist, the reimbursement will work the same as last year: For every approved panel completed, both the Head Panelist and (one) Co-panelist will be entitled to a $10 reimbursement up to the full cost of the badge(s) that they purchased.

For example, if you Pre-register for a General Admissions badge ($30) and perform one approved panel without the aid of a Co-panelist, you would be eligible for a $20 reimbursement. If you and a Co-panelist who both pre-registered for $30 badges wanted to offer 5 panels that were all approved, you would each receive a $30 reimbursement.

Additionally, several of our panelists have mentioned that more than monetary reimbursement, they would prefer some added perks or benefits for panelists at the show. While we haven’t nailed these down just yet, we will be discussing several options we might be able to offer this year.

“Fine Print”

– No Show = No Reimbursement. If you have an approved panel that you fail to show up for, you will not be eligible for any reimbursement. So if you have 3 approved panels scheduled, and you complete 2 but don’t show up for the third, you will not receive partial compensation. Furthermore, you may no longer be eligible to provide content for future events. (Exceptions will be rare and at the joint discretion of the Programming Head & Convention Committee)

– All of your scheduled content must be completed before you can receive your reimbursement at the show. We will inform accepted panelists closer to the time of the show where and when they will be able to receive reimbursement.

– The Head Panelist and registered Co-panelist will both need to be present for the panels they are running or the missing party will not receive credit for it. Yes, we will be checking.

– What about panels that are longer (or shorter) than 1 hour? Though most panels are generally 1 hour, this isn’t always the case as panelists strive to pace their information and balance quality with quantity. In some cases though, we may request panelists to adjust the length of a panel to be able to fit in our schedule. As such, we will be treating all panels equally for the purposes of reimbursement. (In the event of significant programming contributions, exceptions may be considered but will be at the joint discretion of the Programming Head & Convention Committee)

*Panel application will remain open until September 30, 2016.*

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Panel Applications are currently Closed.